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Doctors You Should Visit Annually

It’s important to have check-ups each year even if you feel perfectly healthy. Doctors are able to find conditions and diseases that you may not even feel physical symptoms for. Here are some helpful reminders for your health to-do list.

Check-in With Your Dentist

Your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body. If your oral hygiene is lacking you can be at a greater risk for heart attack, stroke, preterm labor and more. Find a qualified and professional Park Slope dentist or the best dentist in your area for help. Dentists can see if you have any cavities, gum disease or need any procedures like a root canal or wisdom teeth removal.

Get Your Annual Physical

Your general practitioner should be your go-to doctor if you have any overall concerns about your physical health. They are the doctor that can recommend you to a specialist if needed. Some employers require their employees to see their doctor every year by requesting proof of an annual physical. Your doctor will check your vitals, vision and other important organs. If your doctor finds anything out of the ordinary, they’ll either prescribe you medication or refer you to a specialist.

Visit A Specialist If Needed

If you have a condition that requires you to see a specialist, it’s important to visit them annually or as often as they recommend. It’s important to track the progression of your condition with your doctor especially if you’re on medication. There is a wide variety of specialists that your general practitioner may recommend like a gastroenterologist for your stomach, a neurologist for your brain and nervous system or a hematologist for your blood.

Make your health a priority this year. Be sure to visit your dentist and your doctor for regular check-ups. A clean bill of health will give you the peace of mind you deserve.…

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4 Common Dental Procedures

In the distant past, if a tooth became damaged, diseased, or painful, there was little choice but to pull it out. Thankfully, the field of dentistry has advanced a long way since the olden times. Today, there are a number of available procedures that help to correct dental problems while allowing patients to retain their teeth whenever possible.

Dental technology has advanced a long way too. Equipment like drills and vacuums are motorized for greater efficiency. Of course, having moving parts means that the equipment can wear out. Fortunately, dental handpiece repair services can keep the equipment in good working order.

Daily hygiene and regular cleanings can help prevent dental disease. However, sometimes problems arise, and when they do, the following procedures are among the most commonly performed.

1. Extractions

Due to the other dental options available, dentists usually save extraction for a last resort. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to pull one or more teeth if all other treatment options fail.

2. Fillings

Fillings are routine dental procedures. They are used to repair cracked or broken teeth as well as to restore those with cavities.

3. Bridges and Implants

There are a number of reasons why a patient may have missing teeth. It may be necessary for a dentist to remove the tooth, or the patient may suffer a trauma to the face that knocks out one or more teeth. Whatever the reason that the teeth are missing, they can be replaced with either bridges or implants. The latter involves placing a metal fixture directly into the jawbone, while the former involves placing a prosthesis to fill in the gap and connecting it to the adjacent teeth.

4. Root Canal

A root canal is another very common dental procedure. When there is infection or inflammation that affects the innermost layer of the tooth, known as the pulp, a root canal removes the diseased pulp and fills the resulting space from the inside.…

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Bend, Twist, Squeeze, Repeat: How To Choose a Physical Therapist

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Physical therapy can be very beneficial to people who have suffered injuries such as a concussion or broken bones, as well as those dealing with long-standing conditions such as chronic back pain, Parkinson’s disease, or cerebral palsy. When searching for a physical therapist, you must proceed carefully to ensure that you find the ideal practitioner who can address your specific ailment and provide much-needed relief.


Start with a simple online search, such as “physical therapy Brandon FL.” Rank your findings by specific criteria, such as the following:

  • Whether or not the office is located within a reasonable and convenient driving distance
  • Certifications
  • Specific services offered
  • Which insurance providers it accepts
  • Customer reviews

Create a short list of the physical therapists you think might be a good match. Write a list of questions and explore each establishment’s web site. Try to narrow your list down to no more than three facilities.


Set up a meeting with the person in charge of each physical therapy office ahead of time. Ask him or her to give you a walking tour of the facility and to introduce you to therapists who might work best given your specific need(s). You might also ask about a timeline for your recovery, therapeutic homework, how to prepare for your initial visit, and whether or not you can expect any additional, temporary pain or discomfort as a result of your treatment.


After you have visited all three facilities, let your gut instincts be your guide. Where did you feel most welcome and comfortable? Which place makes you feel the most optimistic for your chances of feeling and moving better than you have, in the most efficient amount of time? Who did you click with? Once you have answered all of these questions, you can feel confident that you made the very best choice and will soon be well on your way.

Physical therapy can greatly improve your mobility and overall quality of life. Putting in a little research and planning up front can help you choose a provider that meets your needs and offers superior care.…

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Why You Should Use Charge Capture Software in Your Medical Practice

The practice of medicine is already extremely complicated, and the administrative work of recording, submitting, and billing for each patient appointment and diagnosis only serves to make it even more so. It is important for the doctors and specialists in your practice to be able to concentrate on providing the best care possible for their patients, rather than having to spend excessive amounts of time making sure that charges are recorded and submitted correctly. By using charge capture software, you will experience a number of benefits.

Increased Security

When medical providers use charge capture software, they input confidential patient data into a device, and that data is then encrypted. Doctors can have peace of mind knowing that their patients’ data is safe. Without the software, doctors must record their charges either on paper or on some type of spreadsheet, both of which run the risk of being intercepted by hackers or others with ill intentions. When medical information gets into the wrong hands, both patients and doctors can experience severe consequences.

Faster and More Accurate Billing

By submitting charges through an automated process, doctors save time and effort in calculating their bills. As such, they are more likely to be paid accurately and on time. The work that these professionals are doing is important, often even life-changing, and so it is imperative that they be paid the amount they are owed in a timely manner. In addition, the software is able to keep up with changes in billing codes easily through system updates, saving the human beings who would be doing that work a significant amount of time and stress.

Happier Doctors

By providing this tool, you will be showing the doctors in your medical practice that you are invested in their success. Like any other employees, doctors who feel that their well-being is a priority to their employer are more likely to continue working for that employer. Retaining employees and avoiding turnover is in the best interest of both employees and employers.

There are so many advantages that come from switching to charge capture software that it is well worth the initial investment. Your doctors and patients will thank you!…

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How To Know It’s Time for Elder Care Assistance

You may be used to looking to your parents for advice or guidance. As they age, however, they may start to depend on you to help them recognize when they need extra assistance. There are many signs of the normal aging process, but here are a couple of things you should watch for that indicate it may be time to invest in elder care.

Memory Loss

A little decline in memory is normal as people get older. If it becomes a significant problem or a danger to your loved ones, however, it may be time to consider memory care Denver. One of the first signs of dementia is forgetting to take medications or otherwise take care of themselves. People often become increasingly isolated as they get older, particularly if they notice their memory fading and thus become afraid to leave the familiar confines of their homes. When memory problems start to significantly affect their lives, it may be helpful to move them to an environment where they can have continual care.

Recent Injury

A fractured hip or other significant injury can hinder mobility for anyone. Because aging can slow down the healing process, an injury can result in the need for professional care for elderly persons. If your loved one lives alone, you at least want to consider a medical alert system so that they can call for help if they need to do so. An injury that affects the ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) can be an indication that at least temporary care is needed.

It can be a challenge to change your mindset to that of a caretaker for your parents. A gradual decline in health or memory is probably not anything to be alarmed about. Sudden changes or difficulties that put their safety at risk, however, may be an indication that further help is needed.…