5 Tips For Beating Sunday Night Insomnia

Most of us know what it’s like dreading Sunday nights; and it’s because we’ll probably end up sleepless, again. This is called Sunday night insomnia, which is very common. It’s called Sunday night insomnia because, we develop anxieties about the approaching week. Actually, this short term insomnia condition starts Sunday morning and continues throughout the day. So, by the time Sunday evening rolls around we have butterflies about Monday morning. And, this cycle repeats itself week after week.

The question is, why does this Sunday night insomnia occur? Many feel it is work related or that we do not like our jobs. However, that may be part of it, but a broader reason is that we tend to stress over not completing all of the activities we had planned for the weekend; and now must carry these tasks over into the next week.

Now, combine a continuing list of things to do in our personal lives with an employer’s expectations, and we start to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Going to bed in this state of mind will lead to many sleepless nights. The thing to do is to be proactive and find healthy ways to relax before bed. Below are 5 things you can do to help you cope with those sleepless Sunday nights.

Massage and Relaxation

Lavender and Lime Blossom are two of many herbs that make the body feel relaxed. You can use them for cups of tea or as essential oils for massages. Also, take a relaxing bath before bed, and add a few drops of these oils, to your bath water.


Practice a brief session of meditation before bed. Meditation, done correctly, lessens anxiety, decreases depression, irritability and moodiness. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and tense up your whole body. Sigh deeply, then breath deeply through your nose and release the tension from every muscle. Just feel each part relaxing, watching for parts that may hold onto tension, like a tight jaw. Repeat this several times. The whole idea is to clear your mind of distractions and relax.


Warm milk, tea and honey are all great natural cures for insomnia. Taking one of them before you go to bed can get you in a relaxed mood. Watch your alcohol and caffeine intake. Avoid spicy foods before because they can give you heartburn. Also, know your system and how certain foods affect you so that you won’t eat them before bed.


Make sure your bed and pillows are comfortable, and do not cause back and neck pain. At the very least you might want to invest in contour pillows that are designed to form to your head, neck, and shoulders. For more natural tips, techniques and exercises that will help you fall asleep, click the link below.