Remedies For Insomnia

Finding remedies for insomnia is not difficult today. It seems every store has at least a few over the counter options and doctors are very quick to whip out the prescription pad and write out a script for even stronger medications. From these potentially addicting drugs to specially formulated teas and natural dietary supplements, there are so many options your head probably spins just trying to decide what to try next.

So, why are millions of people all over the world tossing and turning throughout the night? Why aren’t we all sleeping like babies right now, with …

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Is Meditation the Best Cure for Insomnia?

Meditation and insomnia can be linked to each other. The reason behind this is that meditation is proven to be one of the most effective cures for insomnia and any other sleeping disorder. If you are currently struggling getting the right amount of sleep each night, then you may find meditation effective. Just make sure that you learn the basics of this technique and you start discovering how to make it work so you can start to enjoy a great improvement on the quality of your sleep.

Before I continue, I would like …

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Illnesses That Can Instigate A Sleep Disorder

We all know that having a cold can give you restless nights, but there are other more serious illnesses that can result in sleeplessness too. However, it is not just the illnesses themselves but the medications as well can cause restless nights. Some of the most prevalent diseases that can result in an interruption of sleep are: arthritis, kidney disease, mental illness, acid reflux, diabetes, thyroid issues and neurological disorders.

Some forms of heart disease can also have an effect on sleep patterns. For instance congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease. These …

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Home Remedies For Sleep Disorder

Next time you are not able to fall asleep, don’t just pop up that sleeping pill! They are harmful if taken frequently- you know that! Just follow some natural ways to cure your sleeplessness. Here are some home remedies for giving you restful good night’s sleep!

Don’t go by the general theory of ‘ daily eight hours sleep’. Ayurveda advocates quality of sleep. The quantity of sleep is decided by individual body. It may range from anywhere between 5-8 and even 9 hours. Find for yourself, how much sleep you need to feel afresh!

Set …

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A Better Night’s Sleep

It’s no fun going through the day sleepy. Each hour drags on and getting motivated or being productive is nearly impossible when we’d rather be dreaming. What’s worse, for many, actually falling asleep at night is a struggle.

More than one-third of adults in the United States experience occasional sleep problems and one of every ten suffer from chronic insomnia. Many treat their insomnia with medications but this can be dangerous. A study published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry found that taking medications for insomnia or anxiety at least once a month increases your risk …

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The Causes of Insomnia Can Be Maddening As the Disease Itself

When do you know that you have insomnia? Do you have to be one of those people who lie awake in bed to 4 AM everyday who are exhausted but who can’t drift off no matter what? Actually, insomnia is a term that can cover all kinds of sleeping trouble – even if it is as serious as this. There are all kinds of causes of insomnia and there are many ways in which trouble sleeping can affect you. You could be someone who sleeps very well once she …

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Mental Treatment – Twelve Ways to Get Insomnia-Free Nights

Everyone wants to have nights full of warmth and peace. Insomniac people have the biggest desire to have calm nights in which they can have a satisfying sleep. Sleep disturbances interfere in the daily routine tasks of the day.

Good night’s sleep for continuous 8 hours strengthens our immune system and improves our cognitive capabilities, according to the mental treatment experts.

Especially when sleep is disturbed, we have problems with our mood. Consequently, our relationships at home and at work places are affected. Particularly marriages are affected badly due to insomnia. …

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8 Nightly Steps to Natural Sleep

When your mind is filled with thoughts, when your feelings are jumbling inside of you, sleep avoids you.

Why? Because, by its nature, sleep is a mindless activity.

If you’re a parent, you know that the last thing you want before putting the kids to bed is to have someone start playing roughly with them. You do not want your child to be running in circles, playing chase and screeching joyfully.

All that fun just before bed amps up their energy and keeps them… and you… awake.

Bed time for children is best with …

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Anxiety Insomnia: Another Type of Sleep Disorder

I found bad changes on my friend’s behavioral character. Before, I can’t really figure out why he behaves such act. However, gradually, I came to know that he was suffering from insomnia. I decided to know insomnia facts and realized that my friend needed help.

Since, he had always been chirpy and when all of a sudden he started reacting in an irritated mood, it was very saddening. I tried to explore the reason behind it so that I can help him restore a healthy and happy life. I noticed him, he was …

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The Best Natural Insomnia Cure

It’s estimated that as much as 30% of the World’s population suffer from not being able to sleep well at night. It’s a massive problem, but has one of the most simple solutions. You see, most cases of insomnia are caused by you not being able to “shut down” your brain… and you just need a herbal remedy to fix it.

When we go to sleep, our brains shut down for a few hours and go through all the information that it gathered during that day. That’s why dreams are mostly about things that happened …

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