Curing Insomnia With Bath Salts

Bath salts, especially Epsom salt baths, have been curing insomnia for centuries. When salts are combined with aromatherapy and a glass of hot milk or a Valerian supplement you have a sure shot at curing your insomnia.

Here are some recipes for making relaxing baths that are known for curing insomnia.

Lavender Salt Bath

This is a very classic recipe for curing insomnia.

A� 1 cup Epsom salts

A� A Jar with a lid

A� A handful of dried lavender petals

A� A handful of dried chamomile buds (do not add these if you are allergic to ragweed)

A� Six drops essential lavender oil.

First put the salts in a jar and then add the lavender petals and (optional) chamomile buds. Add the six drops of essential lavender oil. Shake the contents and let sit. In a few hours the lavender will infuse the relaxing Epsom salts with the oils.

Marjoram Bath

A� 1 ounce dried marjoram leaves

A� Ten drops of oil of eucalyptus

A� Three drops of oil of lavender

A� Three drops of oil of cinnamon

A� 1 small drawstring bag (made of cotton or linen)

Mix up the marjoram and essential oils in a bowl and then (while wearing gloves to protect your skin) put them in the drawstring bag. Close the bag tight and when it is time to take a bath, run the bag under very hot water.

Sedative Bath Bag

This is a bath bag recipe that requires a cheesecloth or cotton drawstring bed. The marjoram acts as a sedative and hypnotic which can be helpful in curing insomnia. You will need:

A� A� cup lime flowers

A� A� cup hop flowers

A� 2 tablespoons marjoram

A� 1 cup oatmeal

Mix up these ingredients in a bowl and add them to the cotton bag. If you tie a ribbon around the bag you can hang it from the faucet as the tub runs water. Immerse yourself in the tub when the water is lukewarm.

Sea Salt Physical Relaxing Bath

This particular bath has an actual physical effect on most people and serves to remove chemicals from your body. It is also a very simple bath to which you can add any type of aromatherapy oil.

To a running hot bath add –

A� 1 pound baking soda

A� 1 cup sea salt

Climb in bath but if you start to feel a bit dizzy, get out, dry off and go to bed as this means that you are detoxifying and becoming relaxed enough to go immediately to bed!

You can also buy all kinds of commercial preparations that induce sleep. Most of them are herbal in nature and consist of such ingredients as hops, Melissa, passion flower, orange, rose, eucalyptus, juniper, pine, camphor, skullcap, lavender, chamomile and other oils that can put you to sleep.

Like Epsom salts, dead sea salts are also very relaxing and well known for their healing and relaxing properties. They also relieve aches and pains and relax the muscles which further facilitates curing insomnia.

Keep in mind that before you do any type of insomnia bath you should run the recipe by your doctor, especially if you have any type of skin condition.