What You Should Know About Stem Cell Treatments

If you’re someone who follows the latest trends in health and medicine, you are most likely to have come across the concept of stem cell therapy. Many would have the preconceived idea that stem cell therapy is just the mere procedure of injecting new cells in our body, but it’s more than that. There is more to it than just having new cells that can restore your body.¬†What’s the deal about stem cells? Are they safe? Find out more by looking into this post so you can understand if what steam cell treatment is and if it’s the right …

Implantology Journal: A One Stop Implant Resource Center

As dental or oral health is one field in health-care that is constantly evolving, it behooves those who are oral health practitioners, and the general public as well, to find out what’s up in latest developments in this field.

This being said, one resourceful method of doing this is by reading up-to-date journals and online magazines such as the Journal of Implantology which is a definitive source of information for all things oral-implant health-care.

A Brief Overview

Online subscribers, or guest web visitors, can readily access the latest information for those who are health-care providers, as well as those who …

What Is an Orthodontist and Why Go See One?

Orthodontia is the dental specialty dealing with the movement, realignment or space maintenance of the teeth. Braces or orthodontic procedures vary from person to person, but we will discuss them here at length. Firstly, we will talk about how a dentist becomes an orthodontist. A dentist has to get a four-year degree then go on to dental school to obtain the doctorate in dentistry. This is another four-year degree. Once that is completed the dentist may choose to go on to a dental specialty.

If they decide to go on to be a specialist, they will need to go an …