Anxiety and Depersonalization: Good Food, Bad Food

Certain foods act as natural tranquilizers and others act as natural stimulants. It’s important to recognize which foods work for you and which work against you, hampering recovery. It’s important to lean towards foods that create a less reactive mind and body, ensuring a swift and permanent recovery.

Learn how to maintain stable blood sugar levels which result in a far less reactive mind and body.

Foods that feed a healthy mind and body are:

– Lean protein with every meal and snack

– Good Carbohydrates rather than simple (sugar) carbs.

– Good Fats such as olive oil and canola oil.

– Organic over refined and processed foods.

– Fresh over packaged.

– Milk that is at least 2%, as full skim often contains higher amounts of sugar.

– Natural over chemical as in all products including sweeteners, fats, flavorings, seasonings.

– Decaffeinated teas, coffees and other beverages.

– Savory over sweets.

– Whole grains over processed.

Foods to avoid in order to achieve a healthy recovery are:

– Caffeinated foods and beverages (stimulating)

– Simple sugars (candy, cakes, sodas, heavily sugared items)

– Substitute sweeteners (create anxiety reactions and are unhealthy)

– Fat free products that add sugar to compensate for less fats.

– Alcohol- metabolizes as liquid sugar and plays havoc with blood sugar.

– Foods that contain Tyramine are pickled, fermented, smoked or cured. Also figs, beans chocolate and avocados are high in Tyramine. These foods are too stimulating and often create insomnia and headaches in many who ingest them.

– Also, refrain from using nicotine products as they are also stimulating to the system.

– Certain antihistamines and other medications result in excitability. Always check labels.

You have the ability to choose what you eat based upon how you wish to feel. Your choices will give you the power to turn off intrusive reactions and uncomfortable symptoms. By learning to use your foods to work for you rather than against you, you place yourself in charge of your life. By using this process of selecting the correct foods along with learning how to retrain the brain (behavior modification) you will no longer fall victim to anxiety or depersonalization. You will ensure a life that is designed by you. It is always your choice. As a responsible consumer it is up to you to find out which foods work for you and which against you. It’s the difference between a smart choice and taking the risk of creating reactions. It is always your choice. Knowledge is power. Take the time to determine which food is best for you by reading labels and understanding the reactions caused by the foods you ingest. Make your next choice the best choice by taking the time to choose wisely