Insomnia Natural Remedies

There are many natural remedies for insomnia as well as sleep strategies that can often negate the need for pharmaceutic sleep medications and provide restful sleep without the unpleasant side-effects of medication.

One of the simplest natural remedies for insomnia is to create a quiet atmosphere for sleep. Sleep is a function of the brain. If your brain is too “busy”, sleep is not going to happen comfortably or well. Eliminating distractions from your sleep environment as much as possible can dramatically improve your quality of sleep. Distractions include television, radio, telephones, and computers. As much as possible, try to separate your sleep space from your work or activity space – avoid activities that keep the brain active such as reading or checking email.

If you do suffer from insomnia, darkening the room you sleep in can be very helpful. Visible light is tied to increased brain activity, and our brains are naturally set to sleep when it is dark. Applying thick curtains or blinds over windows and making sure all electric sources of light are turned off can be a great insomnia remedy. If you are unable to fully darken your room, eye shades are another effective option.

Another effective, yet simple natural remedy for insomnia is to exercise during the day and to be mostly inactive physically at night. Most of us know there are health benefits to exercising, but few of us make it a daily routine. Getting some exercise during the day can make all the difference in whether or not you sleep well at night. think of exercise in terms of a way to help synchronize your body with your brain. An activity as simple as walking for 20 minutes during the day can help your brain to settle down at night.

While is may seem obvious to some reading this?, many insomniacs have not yet realized the importance of avoiding caffeine and alcohol late in the day. A simple rule of thumb for those with difficulty sleeping is to avoid caffeine after 3 p.m. and avoid alcohol after 7 p.m.. Caffeine is a stimulant that tends to cause the brain to stay alert and awake. Although alcohol is often used to relax and might help to make you feel sleepy initially, due to its dehydrating and diuretic effects, it will often cause you to awaken during the night with thirst and/or the need to urinate, and it seems to interfere with reaching the deeper stages of the sleep cycle.

Herbal remedies for insomnia, including Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas that date back thousands of years are becoming increasingly available. These products are especially beneficial in the treatment of transient sleep disturbance. Combinations of herbs often work better for insomnia relief than single herbs. This is especially true if the remedy has been constructed specifically for insomnia, as some products are.

Finally, when using herbal remedies, it is a good idea to look for those produced in the United States. Products produced in the U.S. are subject to stringent quality control standards, whereas natural remedies for insomnia manufactured in Asia may have problems with toxic contamination.