It’s important to have check-ups each year even if you feel perfectly healthy. Doctors are able to find conditions and diseases that you may not even feel physical symptoms for. Here are some helpful reminders for your health to-do list.

Check-in With Your Dentist

Your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body. If your oral hygiene is lacking you can be at a greater risk for heart attack, stroke, preterm labor and more. Find a qualified and professional Park Slope dentist or the best dentist in your area for help. Dentists can see if you have any cavities, gum disease or need any procedures like a root canal or wisdom teeth removal.

Get Your Annual Physical

Your general practitioner should be your go-to doctor if you have any overall concerns about your physical health. They are the doctor that can recommend you to a specialist if needed. Some employers require their employees to see their doctor every year by requesting proof of an annual physical. Your doctor will check your vitals, vision and other important organs. If your doctor finds anything out of the ordinary, they’ll either prescribe you medication or refer you to a specialist.

Visit A Specialist If Needed

If you have a condition that requires you to see a specialist, it’s important to visit them annually or as often as they recommend. It’s important to track the progression of your condition with your doctor especially if you’re on medication. There is a wide variety of specialists that your general practitioner may recommend like a gastroenterologist for your stomach, a neurologist for your brain and nervous system or a hematologist for your blood.

Make your health a priority this year. Be sure to visit your dentist and your doctor for regular check-ups. A clean bill of health will give you the peace of mind you deserve.