The easy part is over. You’ve perfected your resume, sent it out, and now they want you to come in for an interview. Here are some quick tips for impressing the heck out of them!

Prepare Physically

Nowadays, many people forget the basic rule that a job interview is an occasion to dress up for. No matter where you are interviewing, even for a bag boy position at the local grocery store, appearances count. Consider teeth bonding Park Slope if your teeth are damaged – you’ll be able to smile your best smile, and this alone will increase your confidence. Make sure you have a nice outfit to wear. Dressing nicely when everyone else is wearing jeans and a t-shirt will automatically set you apart.

Prepare Mentally

One job interview is very much like another, as far as questions you may be asked. It’s a good idea to read up on some common questions and consider your answers. This will help you start thinking about your strengths and weaknesses and why you want to work at the company.

You may feel a bit silly, but you may even want to have a friend “interview” you for the job. This lets you hear your answers out loud, and your friend can tell you where he or she thinks you could use some improvement.

And Be on Time!

A sure way to not get hired is to be late to the interview. Plan on taking some extra time to get there, because you never know what traffic will be like or if you will have trouble finding the building. Having to sit outside in your car for 10 minutes is much better than running 10 minutes late!

A job interview is one of life’s most stressful events. Looking your best, being ready to answer any question, and getting there with time to spare are excellent ways to feel confident and in control.