Tips For Beating Insomnia and Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is exceptionally important as without a good night’s sleep you will potentially get irritable and your working performance will decline. This effect tends to be additive so that the more sleep debt that you accumulate the worse it gets. There are various possible causes of insomnia, some can be solved by simple behavioural modification techniques.

It is helpful to attempt different tips and see what is helpful for you. Insomnia can be due to a physical disorder, so it is useful to go see the doctor if you have attempted other options and have had no success. The doctor may either proscribe some medicine which potentially could have some large side effects or provide some techniques to help get some rest.

Another possible method to get yourself to wind down and de-stress is to get a massage, this will help you to relax which should allow you a much easier time getting to bed, especially if your insomnia is stress related.

Put on good music which is relaxing, something that does not require attention and is relaxing. There is specific music which has been created to help with insomnia. For example, some have the sound of waves breaking or rain forest noises, really anything which does not have too much going on can work.

Drinking some warm milk just before bed time can help to calm the nervous system. This is due to the fact that Milk has calcium in may help you to relax.

Drinking some herbal tea can also help to relax you. Potentially a cup of chamomile, or fennel tea could help. These contain natural ingredients to help with sleep. These can be found in health stores or in large super markets.

Taking a warm bath is a good way to get your body to relax, this can be helpful as stress can be a cause of insomnia in some people. The reason is to get the body to relax and not be exhausted, so also do not spend too much time in the bath. Add bath salts and soothing music to assist the atmosphere.

In bed see if you can sleep on your back as this position is good for relaxation and allows all your internal organs to rest well. Alternatively you can sleep on your side but please avoid sleeping on your stomach if possible, it causes pressure on the internal organs which may result in shallow breath, which could be stopping you from getting a good nights sleep, and it also can irritate your back.

Keeping regular hours for sleep can help with sleeping, as your circadian rhythm in your body regulates the times you feel sleepy and by constantly changing bedtime hours it can get confused. So stick to fixed bed time hours, and in the morning rise at the same time and do not oversleep as this can then cause problems with the next nights sleep.