The Mind-Blowing Facts That You Did Not Know About Space

When it comes to space life, most people are not aware of what they contain. You will have unanswered questions when you decide to look at the stars at night. The article advises some of the important facts about the space that you need to know.

Multiple Planets Do Exist

From what was taught in the school is that there are eight planets in the solar system. There are multiple planets that are outside the solar system. The planets that are not part of the solar systems are termed as the exoplanets and they do not orbit around the sun. There are over 1800 exoplanets, and the 3000 others are yet to be established as planets.Most of these planets do not support life as they are made up of hot gas.

Several Earths Are Required To Make A Sun

The Earth was formerly believed to be the greatest of the planets and that it was at the center of the planet. Subsequent discoveries discovered that the Sun was million times bigger than the Earth. It requires over one million Earths to form a sun.

Extreme Weather In The Other Planets

The weather is not the same in most of the planets. research has shown that the Jupiter has been hit by the hurricane for the 300 years. The Mercury and the Venus that are closer to the Sun are known to be very hot. Venus is considered to be one of the hottest planets.The winds in the Neptune moves at very high speeds than winds in any other planet.

The Space Is 100 Km Away

The space is labeled with the invisible Karman line. The estimated distance of the Earth to the space is at 100 km. That means that you can reach the space in less than an hour when you decide to drive going upwards.

Crying In Space Will Cause Your Tears Not To Fall

Crying will not make the tears fall.The water in the space floats like bubbles, and they cling to anything that they come in contact with. You should ensure that you avoid crying in space as your tears may harm you. You are likely to shed the dead skin when you are floating on space.

Venus Tops The List Of The Most Heated Planets

Mercury is not the hottest planets even though it is the closest one to the sun. the Venus absorbs the heat from the sun making it have a temperature of the 500 degrees Celsius during the day.The Mercury is hot during the day when it is directly facing the sun, and since it does not have atmospheres, the temperature drops at night.

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