Superb Ways to Protect Yourself From the Human Influenza Virus

The human influenza virus is a rapidly spreading illness that happens during the flu season each year. Most people are protected by all the major influenza virus strains by getting their annual flu shot. But there are also other precautions that you can take in order to prevent contracting the human influenza virus this next flu season.

Taking The Proper Precautions To Prevent The Flu

You will first want to get a flu shot when your doctor recommends it. The flu shot to protect you from the human influenza virus is usually given a few weeks to a month or more before the flu season gets underway. It is the best way for you and your family to protect yourself against the human influenza virus.

It will protect you from three different strains of the flu. It is also very important to get a vaccine for the human influenza virus for those who are at risk of serious complications or are in close contact of those people. Some groups at risk of complications are those who are 65 years old or older, young children and pregnant women.

Take Vaccine Once A Year

The vaccine is usually available to everyone who wants to get one. It is important to get vaccinated each year in order to protect yourself against the newer strains of the human influenza virus. To prevent yourself from contracting the flu, you will want to take the normal precautions when in public. Make sure to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Also, do not leave used tissues lying around. Throw them out.

If you do contract the flu, you will want to seek medical attention immediately, especially if you are at risk for getting complications. There are drugs that can be given to treat the flu and prevent infections. You will want to see a doctor within forty-eight hours after the symptoms begin. If you develop symptoms before your yearly flu shot, your doctor will decide whether it will be best to give you antiviral drugs as treatment.

The human influenza virus is the cause for quite a few flu related deaths every year that may have been prevented if the person would have had their flu shot. Some, like those who contracted it earlier than the start of the major flu season, were probably less preventable. But it makes the case even stronger that flu shots do work, and everyone should get one.