Remedies For Insomnia

Finding remedies for insomnia is not difficult today. It seems every store has at least a few over the counter options and doctors are very quick to whip out the prescription pad and write out a script for even stronger medications. From these potentially addicting drugs to specially formulated teas and natural dietary supplements, there are so many options your head probably spins just trying to decide what to try next.

So, why are millions of people all over the world tossing and turning throughout the night? Why aren’t we all sleeping like babies right now, with so many remedies for insomnia readily available?

Unfortunately, many over the counter products and prescription medications fail in the long term because they do not address the real cause of the sleep problems. Trust me, there is something causing your insomnia and when you discover what it is you will wonder why you didn’t fix it to begin with!

Instead of knocking yourself out with medication, try making some basic changes in your lifestyle and environment. Make sure your bed and the entire room is nicely cleaned and organized. You want everything to be warm and comforting, so make sure to adjust the room temperature to your liking as well.

Next, take out the TV and other distractions. If you find lullaby music or sleep CDs calming, play them quietly and try to clear your head. Plan your entire evening routine out so it is the same every single night. This may include some type of relaxing meditation or exercise routine, such as yoga or Pilates.

If you find your mind racing, you could try journaling but do it in another room so you can put the disturbing thoughts to bed and then go to bed yourself!

This should take you a little closer to finding natural remedies for your insomnia, but you may need to consult other resources for additional ideas to get your body back on track.