How to Hire a Cabinet Maker Good cabinet makers know that quality is the keystone of their occupation. They accept that if they can’t do superior quality work, they mustn’t waste your time. They also know that if a product is made too fast with poor results, no one will remember how fast it was made, but they’ll remember the bad workmanship. If you do your research in advance and seek referrals from friends or colleagues, you will be able to perform a better examination of the candidates. Through this process, you can hire a contractor you will be satisfied with. What you want at the end of the day is a cabinet maker who will:
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Pay attention to the minutiae of the design within the planning stage
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Offer flexibility in their designs Faultlessly match millwork, trim or furniture Work from a whole new perspective, making sure you get something unique Use high quality materials, hardware and construction techniques Produce impressive craftsmanship Here are questions you should ask a cabinet maker during the interview: Will all of the cabinetry work be performed by you or will you order them somewhere else? The answer must be yes, considering no professional craftsman would risk destroying their reputation by buying mass produced products. Can I get some client references and speak with them? The contractor should give you an ample list of referrals that you can approach and seek feedback from regarding his work. If he is hesitant or gives you all sorts of excuses, consider it a red flag. Can I look at some work you’ve done earlier than five years ago? This is an important question as most cabinet makers usually promote their newly completed projects. If you have the chance to look at some work from the past, you will feel more reassured that your prospect can produce cabinets that are durable. Do you handle your own finishing? Some cabinet makers do their own finishing while others contract this and other parts of the job to a third party. If they have reliable quality control for the finishing, this should not be an issue. Are you only into building cabinets or do you offer assistance with other projects as well? A high-quality professional cabinet maker will give you an affirmative response. That means you will be able to complement other projects with your current cabinet maker and confine everything under one roof. Can I drop by at your showroom and workshop? Good cabinet makers often have no problem saying yes, but don’t imagine them working in a very clean area. Instead, look at their workplace as an indication of their skills and expertise. Creative people, in fact, work so much better in chaotic environments, so this need not be an issue provided the results are excellent.