Become Seriously Depressed and End Up Being Insomniac

It is indeed difficult for us to imagine that there are people who do not sleep at all. Catching a sound and deep sleep is the best way for us to regain our strength. It also helps our body to restore its energy which is needed on the following day. There are a quite number of people who are having problems when it comes to their sleeping habits. Difficulty in sleeping becomes a disorder and may lead to a more serious problem. Nowadays insomnia is considered to be the most common and popular type of sleeping disorder.

There are several reasons why a person remains awake during the night even though they are already tired and their bodies want to rest. Some people would think that napping during daytime will prevent a person from sleeping. It is because the sleeping patterns of a person will be disturbed due to the intervention of a short nap. However there are more serious and scientific reasons why some people are no longer capable to catch some sleep.

Almost all people believe that too much coffee will prevent a person to sleep. It is indeed partly true due to the presence of caffeine in coffee. However there is a greater reason why some people are suffering from such type of disease. According to doctors insomnia has something to do with the thyroid glands of a patient. A highly active thyroid gland can affect the sleeping habits of a person. Meanwhile diabetes may also contribute to the factors that trigger the occurrence of insomnia.

Most of the patients who suffer from such disease are advised to take sleeping pills. Barbiturates or sleeping pills are given to those who can no longer sleep during nighttime. Meanwhile tranquilizers are also given to those who are having sleeping problems due to depression and anxiety. Tranquilizers are proven to reduce the level of anxiety that prevents a person from sleeping. Barbiturates and tranquilizers are proven to ease the problems of those who suffer from insomnia; however these medicines should not be taken as a long term treatment because it can create damage to the brain of the patient. Such medicines must be taken with prescription and supervision from doctors.

On the other hand psychologists believe that depression is not an ordinary cause of insomnia. According to them depression is also a product of a mild sleeping disorder that has resulted to a more serious and complex problem. They believe that depression occurs when a person becomes frustrated because he or she can no longer sleep. Frustration is then followed by depression.

A patient becomes overly depressed with the idea that he is suffering from a fatal disease because he or she is no longer capable to sleep. The patient will then conclude that he or she is suffering from a fatal or life-threatening disease and he or she will surely die in no time. The fear of having a serious disease is the main reason why a person becomes seriously depressed and end up being insomniac.