Having Insomnia? Here Are Some Drug Free Tips That Work

Are you among the multitude of people that are running into sleep issues on a consistent basis? Maybe you just need a little help from time to time in just getting a full recharge from your sleep. Regardless of where you fall in regards to your slumber there something everyone can do to improve their well being by getting better rest.

The first major tip that many very quickly overlook is exercise. I challenge you to do a test and raise your heart rate for at least 15 minutes today and keep a journal on how you feel when you wake the next morning verses how you felt when you didn’t. It’s scientifically proven that exercise does wonders for rebalancing hormones as well as improving peoples ability to reach stage three REM deep sleep. The reality is most people just simply don’t exert themselves at all. Over time this will indeed affect your sleep quality. If you’re looking for the single most important thing you can do to improve your sleep quality it would be exercise.

The next most important thing is to remove the digital LED clock from your bedroom. Even the slightest amount of light in your room can cause your internal clock to shift and your melatonin to shut down for the night thereby disrupting your sleep quality. Blackout shades covered by thick curtains are recommended.

If you really want to get serious you can check your bedroom with a Gauss meter for electro-magnetic fields (EMFs). This is something that has recently came to light as technology has advanced. Sensitive equipment now have proven that sleeping near a power outlet or wireless router can have a tremendous impact on sleep as well as overall quality of health. Ideally if you live within a mile of a cell phone tower you may want to consider a silver mesh EMF canopy for your bed. More and more studies are coming out showing how EMF’s are causing a major impact on average peoples lives and overall sleep quality.

Another tip which is also very important is to establish a routine bedtime and get to bed as early as possible. For thousands of years we didn’t have artificial lights. Modern technology has changed the scope of what we know is normal. In the grand scheme of things we are far from what our ancestors knew as reality. When the sun went down people headed to bed shortly after. Many don’t realize that between eleven and one A.M. your gallbladder is dumping toxins and it will often cause toxins to back up in your liver which can further disrupt your sleep quality. The simple fact is that going to bed early and at a regular time helps a tremendous amount.