Insomnia Treatment Options – 2 Year Battle With Insomnia

Have you been trying all the insomnia treatment options, only to find that you still are not able to get to sleep at night?

You are not alone my dear insomnia sufferer. To be blunt at least 64 millions American’s each your suffer from some type of insomnia in one for or shape or another.

Their is a reason that insomnia treatment options sleeping pill industry is a four billion dollar a year business. Sure at first when you start taking sleeping pills you think that you are cured.

But let me tell you I am a living example of how your body can become very tolerant to sleeping pills.

Let me tell you my story.

About two years ago I use to suffer with chronic insomnia. Each night I would get maybe a hour and half’s sleep at night. The problem became so bad that I actually lost my job and this was before the recession ever even happened. The problem was that I lost my ability to focus on the task I was doing at work and I was hardly ever thinking clearly.

I tried all the insomnia treatment options I could think of. If it had the chance to give me a good nights sleep I was taking it. If their was a method I discovered while surfing the web, I was trying it. It did not matter how ridiculous or how crazy it seemed. I needed to get some rest for me and my families sake.

I take classes at my local community college in Houston. I decided to see if my psychology teacher had any advice for me. He directed me to this website online with insomnia treatment options and said to take the little quiz on their and that after I take the quiz I should be well on my way to getting rid of my insomnia forever.

Fast forward two and half years later, here I am insomnia free. My life is a whole lot better now, I have a new job that pays more and is just an overall better place of employment. My girlfriend and son no longer how to wonder if I am going to be alright.

If you are suffering from insomnia and have tried all the other insomnia treatment options then shoot me a email I will hook you up with where you can take the quiz and hopefully have similar results as mine.