Exhaustion Alert: How To Cure Insomnia

When you can’t sleep, one thing is certain. It is exhausting. And even worse, you still can’t go to sleep. You quite possibly don’t know why you cannot sleep. And you probably have no idea how to cure insomnia so that you can have a good nights sleep.

So what can cause insomnia?

1. A sudden shock such as trauma, or death of someone close to you.

2. Body changes such as menopause, or pregnancy

3. Stress

4. A hectic or out-of-balance lifestyle

5. Some medications

6. Alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulants

7. Lack of exercise

8. Poor health and pain

Identifying why you are unable to sleep, and making changes can help you to sleep better. As well as addressing any causes, you need to understand how to cure insomnia by learning about creating an environment that will help you to go to sleep.

Whatever the cause of your insomnia, you will need to establish a habit that will create a restful environment where it is possible for you to fall asleep. This environment can be created by having a regular bedtime and spending some time winding down and relaxing. A hot shower or bath, a quiet read, and warm milk can all help you to prepare.

Stress plays a large part in insomnia. This stress could be from events in your life, or it could have occurred because of your insomnia. Being stressed about going to bed when you are expecting to lie awake all night, or a racing mind as you lie in bed trying to sleep, all contribute to your inability to sleep. Instead of focusing on not being able to go to sleep, concentrate on relaxing your body, think of a happy time, and try to enjoy resting in bed.

Positive talk can help you get into the right frame of mind to relax in bed. Try remembering a time when you were exhausted, and lay down in bed for a much earned sleep. The sheets were soft, the bed was inviting and it felt great to lie down and shut your eyes. Or on a cold or rainy night you can pull the covers up around your ears, and appreciate how cosy and safe you are in your lovely warm bed.

Don’t stress about being awake. You cannot make yourself go to sleep. You can only create the best environment for your body to fall asleep. Checking out any cause that may be contributing to your insomnia, and creating a relaxing routine before going to bed is the way that you can contribute to sleep. By making yourself comfortable and relaxed in bed, and only allowing your mind to focus on relaxing, happy thoughts is giving your body the best opportunity to fall asleep. While you are awake, simply allow your body to rest and recover for the next day.

If you are not getting a good nights sleep, knowing how to cure insomnia will help you to change that. No more exhaustion, no more sleepless nights. Are you ready?