Assisted living facilities provide senior residents with a full range of life-enhancing services to ensure their safety without sacrificing independence. Consider the following features when deciding if assisted living is right for you or your loved one.


Safety is the primary reason why most seniors choose assisted living. For example, many everyday activities, such as housekeeping, cooking, gardening and driving, are challenging for seniors with weak muscles and joints or poor balance. Therefore, many communities offering elder care fall river provide apartments equipped with emergency call buttons, wall supports, and bathroom grips to prevent falls. They also include transportation to supermarkets, doctor appointments and social engagements to help seniors engage in routine activities.

Social Activities

Loneliness and isolation can lead to depression and anxiety, decreasing life quality and longevity for many seniors. Seniors living in assisted living communities have the option to enjoy a wide variety of enjoyable activities together, including shared meals, theater visits, book clubs, exercise classes or watching a favorite television show.


Residents of assisted living communities enjoy security with independence. Those physically strong and mentally alert may enjoy living in these communities, knowing they can rely upon skilled professionals whenever they need assistance. At the same time, they can enjoy the benefits of having their apartment when they prefer autonomy and privacy.

Planned Meals

For many seniors, meal planning becomes a chore; however, proper nutrition is essential to maintain good health. Therefore, nutritious and balanced meals are among the key benefits of living in an assisted living community. Residents can choose to take all of their meals in a communal dining room or enjoy preparing their meals in their apartments.

Quality Time With Family

Living in an assisted living community allows seniors to spend more time enjoying their families and less time managing living logistics. Families no longer waste valuable time together on tasks such as bill paying and house cleaning. Instead, they can enjoy quality visits together.

Many seniors choose assisted living communities to help them thrive and enjoy their lives.