The Truth About Insomnia Remedies

Insomnia remedies are now a multi billion pound market which A recent study found that there are more and more remedies of all forms coming available each year. The study also gave voice for concern about the validity of these insomnia remedies issuing a warning to research a particular remedy before trying it out and if in doubt to seek professional advice.

Let us take a look at the two groups that most insomnia remedies fall under, hopefully if you are a sufferer of insomnia and searching for insomnia remedies then this article may help you decide for which treatment to go for.

Medications: This category of insomnia remedies is the most obvious choice for sufferers wanting a quick fix to their woes but is it the best? Medications prescribed to treat insomnia usually come in the form of anti-depressants and benzodiazepines. over recent years though the medical community as a whole are becoming more hesitant in prescribing such drugs as certain drawbacks far outweighs the advantages including:

Quickly building a tolerance of the drug, which means you need more each time.

Highly addictive with the withdrawal pains been described as worse than that of an heroin addict.

After a short while they may stop working and cause even worse insomnia than the patient started with.

Can lead to psychological problems such as depression, paranoia, anxiety and other issues.

Natural remedies. The new craze in insomnia remedies is that of using natural treatments such as:

Aromatherapy. The use of aromas to aid in physical and mental healing. Oils for insomnia include lavender,jasmine, roman chamomile and spikenard  they can be applied through burning them with a diffuser or by putting a few drops in a hot bath. Always read the instructions on the best way to use each oil.

Herbal treatments. Some herbs are been marketed as insomnia remedies and are very popular although their as been no real evidence that they work. Chamomile, Passion flower and St johns wort can all be bought without a prescription and can be taken in various ways including drinking it in a tea, taking it in pill form or even as an herb bath. Again reading the packaging is advised.

Meditation and Hypnosis. The most natural of all insomnia remedies as it involves no risk to the health of the individual. Meditation practiced through the day helps you to gain control over your feelings and emotions, it also helps with the ability to quiet en the mind which a lot of insomnia sufferers blame on been unable to sleep. this in turn enables you to relax your body at will sending you off to sleep. Hypnosis is basically the same thing, relaxing your body and mind so that the subconscious can be communicated with helping to shift the blockages preventing you from sleeping.

There are many more insomnia remedies out their and my advice would be to read up on all the available methods  then take the one that appeals to you. I would also say to try and achieve beating your insomnia with natural remedies and to only try medications when all else as failed.