The Best Natural Insomnia Cure

It’s estimated that as much as 30% of the World’s population suffer from not being able to sleep well at night. It’s a massive problem, but has one of the most simple solutions. You see, most cases of insomnia are caused by you not being able to “shut down” your brain… and you just need a herbal remedy to fix it.

When we go to sleep, our brains shut down for a few hours and go through all the information that it gathered during that day. That’s why dreams are mostly about things that happened recently to us – because our brains are sorting through all our recent memories and thoughts, and storing them in a neat order so that it can find them again. This might surprise you, but we actually go unconscious when we go to sleep, and this is the cause of so many people’s sleeplessness.

You see, the need to sleep has evolved from way back in history. Almost every animal has to do it, and because we go unconscious when we do it, our brains need to know that we are totally safe in our surroundings when we do sleep. This means that people who are worrying about things, or have a lot of things on their mind, can actually end up not being able to get to sleep because their minds are simply too focused on these ‘threats’ to actually be able to calm down and go to sleep.

Luckily, the way to fix this is pretty simple. You just need to calm yourself down and make your brain think that everything is okay, and that no ‘threats’ are going to get you when you are out and asleep. Sleeping pills can do this… but they have nasty side effects and can become addictive. Instead, the best way to get yourself to sleep is to “sedate” your brain by using natural herbal remedies.