Tart Cherry Juice – Drink Your Way to Overcome Insomnia

The major concern faced by the majority of Americans is none other than the inability to fall asleep or stay so. The severity of this condition leads to fatigue, weakness and other complications. According to the doctors, inadequate sleep results in various diseases or illnesses like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular arrest, depression and even machinery or motor vehicle associated accidents.

The European Journal of Nutrition came out with the benefits of tart cherry juice being called as the best solution for a good night sleep. Researchers came up with a new finding that two glasses of tart cherry juice every day helped the adults to sleep 39 minutes supplementing the usual routine on an average. Apart from this the overall sleep efficiently was proved to be 6% more when compared to the sleep after drinking a non cherry cocktail.

The sleep benefits of cherry are due to the presence of melatonin present within it. This component is known to be a power packed antioxidant that greatly aids in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Advanced studies are being conducted by the experts to make it a sole treatment for sleep disorders by the professionals.

Anthocyanins, another powerful antioxidant present in tart cherry juice is responsible for the bright red color of this fruit. Experiments prove that it greatly helps in reducing any kind of inflammation resulting from heart diseases, arthritis or even muscle pain due to exercise.

It was found that each serving of the juice contained around 90 to 100 cherries with enough melatonin content that was finally found in the participant’s bodies too. This component was noted to be highly responsible to elicit a better sleeping pattern and to improve it greatly.

Insomnia is a major concern these days and there are several reasons including stress, tension, diseases, discomfort or other complications that can results in this situation. It differs from one individual to another and it has already been proved that the food and drink consumed has a great effect on your sleeping pattern. With the new finding of tart cherry juice advantage on sleep the age old theory has become strong enough to support this fact.

There are pills available to give you a sound sleep and sometimes regular intake can lead to serious issues. It is always good to have light food at night along with a glass of tart cherry juice to aid in a calm and sound sleep. You will obviously find the difference next morning as a result of the magnificent sleep you had after a long time!