Halo laser is a second-generation form of laser treatment and a distinct improvement of earlier methods. While halo laser Chicago Il costs a bit more, most people agree the results are worth it.

Multiple Wavelengths

The Halo is a “hybrid fractional laser” that is able to combine different wavelengths. This means that Halo laser targets not only the skin surface but also the tissues underneath, resulting in deep and lasting rejuvenation. It allows for precision targeting of small areas, leaving surrounding tissues intact.

More Advantages to Halo

One of the big advantages of Halo is its much shorter recovery periods. Traditional laser treatments often required clients to stay home for as long as two weeks. After Halo treatments, most patients can return to their normal routine after one day. Furthermore, results are usually apparent within a week and last significantly longer.

Halo treatments can also be customized to the individual patient’s needs. This is something to consider for those who have darker skin, freckling, or other forms of hyperpigmentation.

Things to Consider

A number of patients report extreme discomfort for a few hours immediately following their treatments. Although this usually goes away within a day or so, redness and swelling may continue for up to seven days. For this reason, many patients choose to lie low until it has passed, even though it doesn’t interfere with daily activities.

Halo Treatment Costs

On average, a Halo laser treatment runs a little under $1500. This can be more or less, depending on the number of areas being treated and the provider’s level of expertise and experience. While this seems pricey, keep in mind that the results last longer than traditional laser treatments. 

As an elective procedure, insurance does not cover Halo laser costs; however, providers often offer easy payment plans as well as discounts.