According to Medical News Today, over 48,000 people in the United States received news that they are being diagnosed with oral cancer in the year of 2016 and about over 9,000 of these notices discovered that they were not going to make it. Oral cancer usually is diagnosed after the age of 40 and up. But that does not mean that they cannot be diagnosed at a younger age. You never really know what kind of illness or cancer you could be up against until you get the medical care that is necessary. Many people think that going to the dentist is simply only to keep your teeth clean. There is a huge misconception there because the dentist is not only your primary physician for your teeth, but they are also able to deduct oral cancer and can possibly one day save your life. If you are looking to live a healthy long-term life, you want to make sure that you are receiving regular dental care to detect life taking diseases.

According to Cancer Center, some of the most common symptoms of oral cancer may include: mouth sores, pain in the mouth, a lump or thickening of your cheeks, a white patch, a sore throat or feeling that something is caught in your throat and won’t go away, difficulty swallowing or even chewing, difficulty moving the jar tongue, numbness of the tongue jaw swelling loss of teeth, pain in the teeth or jaw, voice changing, Olympian the neck, weight loss and even bad breath. Sometimes, there are no symptoms at all and therefore, it is critical that you receive regular oral care to detect these harmful cancers. Many people tend to avoid the dentist for many different reasons, such as dental anxiety or simply feel that gentle care is their last priority. What many people fail to realize is that dental care should be one of your top priorities simply because it can one day save your life. Going to the dentist is not only beneficial for your teeth, but it is beneficial for your overall health. Your teeth can also have harmful bacteria that can possibly affect your heart and other organs in your body.

What many people need to understand is that getting regular dental care can one day save your life. When it comes to cancer, catching cancer early is your best shot at surviving it and healing. When you wait until the very end, many times unfortunately it is too late to do anything about it. Being proactive about your health is one of the only ways that you will be able to live a long and healthy life. If you have been neglecting your teeth for quite some time, you want to start now by finding a good dentist that you can rely on. You can start by conducting an online search for: dentists stone harbor NJ.

Overall, making sure that you are proactive in your dental care is critical to saving your life. You never know what you will be up against until you try to find out. Finding a good dentist that you can trust will allow you to get the proper care that you need.