There are many charms to owning an old home, but there can also be quite a few headaches. An old home often comes with “new” problems you may never have had to deal with in the past. Here are three big areas to maintain as soon as you move into a home with several years on it.


Hiring a plumber to check your old home’s pipes is a very smart idea. Finding leaky water pipes before a catastrophic break occurs will save you a lot of money (water is one of the most damaging things to a home.) Your sewer pipes can be inspected by a plumbing smoke test to make sure no foul smells are leaking into your home too.


Naturally, over time, the foundation of an old home will have shifted. A foundation check up will make sure your home isn’t leaning or sinking. There are a variety of methods to fix these issues before they become too problematic from hydraulic lifts to simply filling in cracks on walls. The cost of foundation repairs can be very expensive, so having the foundation inspected before you move in will allow you to be better prepared for the overall cost.


Electricity has improved in leaps and bounds over the past decade, so older homes will most likely have outdated wiring and electrical systems. Replacing the wiring, fixtures, and plugs will not only make your old home more energy efficient, but it will also make it safer for you to live in. An electrician can come to your home for an inspection and give you pricing guides to make the upgrades.

Your “new” old home can be a wonderful place to start a family or retire peacefully; just make sure you are ready for repairs and unexpected costs that arise.