You need to live a healthy lifestyle when receiving cancer treatment. Your immune system may be weakened during chemotherapy sessions, which may make you weak and vulnerable to many infections. Here are some tips on how to boost your immune system.

Limit Interactions

When receiving cancer treatment at the cancer center Newport beach, you should choose the people you interact with. Avoid crowded areas since you can easily acquire infections that will make you weaker.

If one of your family members is unwell, avoid sharing personal items, regularly wash your hands thoroughly, and avoid interactions with them. You will …

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Age-Related Insomnia – Are You at Risk?

Age-related insomnia, a common problem among people over 50, is a complex medical condition caused by physical and/or emotional disorders, increased stress, lack of exercise, and diet and/or lifestyle changes. There is a common misperception that as people age they need less sleep; however, this is not true. Elderly people need as much, perhaps even more sleep, than they did when they were young to maintain a healthy immune system.

For an elderly person suffering from such a sleep disorder, the first order of business is to undergo a physical examination by a …

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