Orthodontist Treatment in Pasadena Ca

Orthodontics is a practice in dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are not positioned properly. It is hard to keep the teeth clean when they are misaligned or crooked. It increases the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease that stresses the chewing muscles that cause headaches, TMJ syndrome, and back pain. Misaligned teeth detracts your appearance. Orthodontist are professional dentist who solves you misaligned teeth problems. After the orthodontist examines your teeth, they will decide whether you need the special type of treatment. Pressure will be applied to your teeth to move them to a proper location using different orthodontic methods.

You will be a candidate for orthodontic treatment if your upper teeth lie too far forward over the lower teeth or vice versa. When your upper teeth do not fit or leave spaces when you bite a sign that you have to seek orthodontic care. Other reasons to see the orthodontic experts are misplaced midlines, the presence of gaps and too many teeth in the mouth causing crowding.
Orthodontic appliances are used to provide support to the muscles and correct the position of the misplaced teeth. Different appliances will be used on different patients depending on the status of their teeth.

Braces have bands, wires, and brackets and they are mostly used. The braces are placed on your teeth for support while the brackets are bound at the front of the teeth. Arch wires are attached to the bands through the brackets. When the wire is tightened, it applies tension on the teeth, moving them slowly to their proper position. They are usually adjusted monthly to bring about the desired effect. You can choose the braces you desire from the varieties available currently.

Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting are controlled by use of special fixed appliances. The band are used to place the specially fixed appliances to the teeth firmly. These appliances cannot let you enjoy your meals, so seek other substitutes.

Babies gaps can be kept open using fixed space maintenance when they lose a tooth before time. A band and a wire is used on the gap left by the lost tooth to keep it open.

Adults can use removable aligners without metals instead of braces. They should always be removed before eating or brushing.

Removable space maintenance are also used. The space maintainers are acrylic based. Other orthodontic procedures are check bumpers, removable retainers and the headgear.
Remove your crowded teeth and align them by getting good orthodontic services. The chances of your teeth damaging are low and you facial aesthetics is improved.

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