Assisted living generally allows for more autonomy and costs less than care in a retirement home, but it may cost a little more than a self-contained residence. The assisted living environment is similar to a personal residence, compared to the hospital-like environment of a nursing home. Assisted living is suitable for people who cannot fend for themselves but want to maintain as much independence as possible.

Daily Tasks

It is noticed among seniors that during the time of their retirement, daily tasks become more difficult to perform every day. Indeed, the main causes are the decline in physical, cognitive and also sensory functions. This explains the recurrent problems among seniors, which are inactivity and loneliness. 

Level of Care

Assisted living communities are for people who do not need the high level of care provided by a retirement home, but need help with activities of daily living. Help may include getting dressed, bathing, and going to the bathroom, as well as medication reminders. Assisted living may also be appropriate for patients with early-stage memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s who need additional help, supervision, and safety.

Dangerous Incidents

By choosing early enough to integrate a serviced residence, the senior protects himself from unsuitable housing. When a decision is not made early, incidents occur which are either too vast, too complicated, or even dangerous. Don’t we say: “The accident from which we recover best is the one we did not have?”

Making the Right Choice

Some age-related disabilities such as decreased vision, hearing, and physical abilities can lead to accidents involving significant physical and psychological trauma. Falls are the most common accident among those over 65 years of age. The senior services residence is the ideal solution for the elderly wishing to combine comfort and safety while maintaining their rhythms and lifestyle habits. If your loved one is reaching that age where help is needed with daily tasks, you should consider facilities for St. Augustine assisted living, especially for residents nearby.