The Causes of Insomnia Can Be Maddening As the Disease Itself

When do you know that you have insomnia? Do you have to be one of those people who lie awake in bed to 4 AM everyday who are exhausted but who can’t drift off no matter what? Actually, insomnia is a term that can cover all kinds of sleeping trouble – even if it is as serious as this. There are all kinds of causes of insomnia and there are many ways in which trouble sleeping can affect you. You could be someone who sleeps very well once she actually manage to fall asleep – something that’s called late onset insomnia. Some people fall a sleep right away but just can’t manage to stay asleep for very long. They either keep waking up all the time or they wake up at 5 AM in the morning when it’s cold and dark outside and the entire world is peacefully in bed. And then, there are the people who have nothing wrong with their sleep mechanism as who just have some kind of affliction that keeps them from sleeping. In case you never knew, there are more than 10 kinds of insomnia. And as you will see, the causes of insomnia can be as varied as the results they produce.

Are you someone who is easily stressed? If so, the trouble you have sleeping, you could chalk up to Adjustment Insomnia – or short-term insomnia. The moment the source of your worries is resolved, you’ll find that you sleep like a baby right away again. Are you worried about how your child is going to do on his exam? Are you worried about how you are going to tide over a financial crisis? If your insomnia can be directly connected to sources of worry such as these, it could just be in your personality that you are easily made nervous. You could possibly seek treatment for anxiety disorder.

Insomnia isn’t just something that affects grown people. Children can have a terrible time sometimes with something like behavioral insomnia. Usually, children get this when their parents aren’t really particular about bedtime at a reasonable hour. If bedtime is loosely defined around a child’s home, they can easily stay up wasting time and not falling asleep. With causes of insomnia such as these, it can be pretty easy to set the body’s sleep clock right. The children just need a bit of structure in their lives.

When you go to your doctor with a problem of any kind, and the doctor uses the term “idiopathic” to describe the underlying cause of your issue, what you has on your hands is cause for alarm. When you have idiopathic insomnia, what the doctor is trying to tell you is that there is no known cause for what affects you. You don’t have a psychiatric disorder, you don’t react badly to stress, there is no medicine that affects you and you’re not sick in any other way. If you have insomnia, there is just no way that the doctor can treat it. It just happens to be a lifelong condition.

Even more mystifying is something they call paradoxical insomnia. The unhappy people who have this, report that they have a terrible, terrible time going through life without a wink of sleep. And they seem to be able to prove it too – they can tell you about everything that happens around them through the night. The only problem is that they’re not really awake through the night. They do appear to be sleeping. They just simply don’t seem to be all that tired through the day at work though. But they seem to always feel that they are never able to actually sleep. Of course, no one really knows what causes of insomnia could be behind this one.