Pure Essential Oils Surpass Traditional Natural Sleeping Remedies

Your average insomniac will tell you that while pills can knock you out, rarely do you feel fresh as a result – only genuine sleep allows the body to replenish fully. Premium essential oils offer more than typical natural sleeping remedies and help sleeping by accessing the vital pre-sleep processes of mental quiet and relaxation through optimum integration with healthy body function.

True beauty shines from holistic wellbeing and the replenishment and balance that comes from regular sleep is essential for a healthy constitution on all levels. In other words, we really need our beauty sleep. So, because pharmaceutical sleeping remedies can inhibit the benefits of normal slumber, the advantage of finding natural remedies for sleep has given rise to a whole range of choices that draw upon the restorative properties of medicinal plants. But though a herbal pill might seem appropriate and an infusion offers a certain element of ritual and comfort that complements the relaxation process, the truth is that absorption of a given plant’s properties by digestion is significantly less effective than the direct route of scent. Olfaction is the scientific term: any scent we detect at our nasal sensors is immediately transmitted to the brain for assimilation. Thus we have the most direct route to our nervous system and an array of instinctual responses that are triggered as a part of natural body process.

Therapeutic essential oils represent an evolution in the associated craft of aromatherapy that heralds great news for those seeking effective natural sleeping remedies. Grown, harvested and processed at a unique level of organic integrity, these are pure, medicinal-grade plant essences that are able to achieve seamless integration with desired physiological responses. They contain absolutely no impurities that would challenge the body’s healthy function and are able to help sleeping by enhancing the body’s inbuilt capacity for healthy shut eye. And because there is an enormous range of therapeutic properties to work with, we can also call upon specific healing qualities to help address the various physical and mental conditions that are prone to inhibit relaxation for sleep.

What this means in practical terms is that, instead of the generally low impact of the standard natural sleeping remedies, a professional blend of pure essential oils with calming and sedative properties offers a potent alternative that can be applied in a number of ways: in a therapeutic bath (which adds to olfaction, absorption through warm open pores), in a therapeutic massage blend, direct to your pillow, or diffused into the atmosphere with an Aromalight for deep easy breathing.

And thinking laterally beyond the immediate topic of the insomnia remedy, we can find a single essential oil that will work as a natural rescue response to help in times of emotional conflict and nervous tension, supporting natural calm and helping to sustain a wholesome balance conducive to regular healthy sleep (on pulse points or even on the pillow to ward of bad dreams). Or equally valuable, a completely pure, distilled water imbued with gentle healing properties (created at essential oil extraction) that is perfect for tired, stressed eyes that may well otherwise disrupt our sense of wellbeing and impede relaxation.

Basically, anyone seriously seeking a natural remedy for insomnia needs to discover the potent world of pure therapeutic essential oils. Because holistic health and vitality can ultimately only happen in harmony with the organic nature of body process.