Insomnia and Bedtime Routines

Falling asleep can be a real problem for those with sleeping problems. Sufferers are often desperate to find an insomnia cure.

You mind keeps thinking about not sleeping – your worrying fires your imagination and your imagination translates into worry – a vicious circle is formed.

Rather than preparing yourself for sleep you worry about not being able to sleep, and you can in your mind’s eye see how you toss and turn…

You fear that getting up in the morning will be difficult…

In your head you try to think of how many hours of sleep you have missed the last few nights…

Has this ever happened to you?

If it has, then relax. You are not alone!

Sleep experts say that relaxing is one of the first abilities you lose when you suffer from insomnia.

Not being able to wind down makes it even harder to prepare you for sleep. Most of us – well just about all of us! – cannot fall asleep straight away. People are different, some can fall asleep straight away whilst others toss and turn before finally falling asleep.

People like that are able to relax in the evening, they can slow the everyday rushing of their mind and their body.

Sadly most of us need to learn how to do this since we cannot do it naturally.

You’ll be glad to know that it is quite easy to learn. It can be done immediately and it’s not complicated.

Here is a basic insomnia cure, sometimes these two tips might be all you need:

+ Stay off coffee or alcohol before bedtime, and try to get into a habit of gradually easing into sleep mode every evening, planning tomorrow. Getting into bed you won’t be thinking about tomorrow, worrying about bills or shopping – it is already sorted!

Keep regular habits at bedtime, try to go to bed and to get up at the same hour. You cannot save sleep in advance, but on the other hand you can easily catch up on the hours of sleep missing. This means, that if you wake up really tired you still get up and don’t nap during the day, and you will fall asleep come night time.