The Benefit Of Fluoride In Human Teeth The teeth are the most solid part of a human body. Different from what people believe, the human teeth are not bones. It is usually calcified tissue known as the dentine. Normally, it is shiny and very hard. With minerals, the dentine like the bones will grow healthy and diseases free. Each and every day, human teeth lose and gain a lot of minerals. Fluoride is one of these minerals. it is usually a mineral that is present in many type of foods and in water. The mineral usually prevent the tooth decay process by removing the sugar and bacteria found in the mouth. The sugar plaque and bacteria forms an acid that is corrosive causing the teeth to decay. For kids, before the teeth breaks into the gum, taking fluoride helps to make the enamel to grow strong in a way that tooth decay will not happen. The dentist refer to this kind of benefit as systematic one. The teeth of such kids will break out of the gum strong and very healthy. Even after erupting continuous administering of fluoride compliments to the kid will prevent tooth decay. Brushing the teeth with a fluoride tooth paste or products that have fluoride is called topical benefit. The saliva in the mouth will even have the fluoride minerals keeping the enamel more stronger. Losing of minerals and not replacing them with more results to tooth sensitivity and cavity. The results are that the teeth, soften, decays and the only thing left to do is to eliminate them. What destroys the enamel is the acid formed by the sugar, plaque, and bacteria in the mouth. The acid also takes away useful minerals that help the teeth to be more firm away. By adding fluoride compliments, you will be able to reverse this tooth decay by getting rid of the acid that is being formed. It is for this reason that the dentist recommend that you should regularly brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste.
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Tooth decay is very common to those people who likes eating diets that have high sugar content. Such people should reconsider using compliments that have fluoride in them to prevent the tooth problems that they are likely to have. There is also the fear that is created by people when they say that fluoride is dangerous to the health of individuals. When used in small amount, the fluoride mineral compliments will bring nothing less than the benefits to the teeth. The saying that everything in excess is dangerous is also helpful. The fluoride compliments are both useful to kids and adults.Dentists Tips for The Average Joe