If Swine Flu Pandemics Run With Solar Cycles & Planetary Warming Periods – Where Will it Strike?

Not long ago, there was an interesting study done by two Chinese Researchers where they noted that the climate cycles, specifically warming periods were times when Influenza Type A strains showed the most evolution or mutation. Well, this is certainly interesting, especially if the Global Warming Alarmists happen to be correct with regards to future upticks in ambient atmospheric temperatures on Earth.

Now then if this research is correct and if Guang Wu’s hypothesis is accurate in this regard, and since we are entering a solar maximum phase, well, regardless of global warming politics, we are due for a real life test of all they’ve learned and all the unproven questions he seeks to prove, but speculates on. Thus, I ask the question; where is the big pandemic going to originate? We need to know. It’s about saving lives and perhaps, the human race as we know it.

We will need a hot, and humid climate and one that has swine and birds, and perhaps humans too. And if the birds in that region are migratory, we need to look at where they fly too for the summer and from where they came in the winter.

Would, Dubai in the UAE be a likely place? Maybe not because they do not eat pigs there, or raise them, but what about the garbage eating pigs in Egypt near the river or shore line, that could be a place? And to that point maybe Islam took swine out of their diet because they suspected 5000-years ago that it was one of the reasons for a huge epidemic. Have we forgotten more than we’ve ever known?

We need to address all these questions, it’s not right to by-pass or stop asking questions. The more questions we ask the wiser we become. If you ask enough questions you don’t know, you’ll find they become your answers. I think there is a Chinese Proverb that goes something like that.

The last pandemic outbreak of Swine-Bird-Human Flu combination strains of Influenza Type A was in Mexico City, during the summer months, which is untypical for human populations. But, we already know that. Where will the next outbreak be? We need to be prepared for it. Please consider all this.