Everyone loves a good massage. It’s relaxing, feels good, and at some point, it’s a trend. Millions of people use this kind of therapy every day. Most of them are not truly aware of what suits them best. They just opt for the one the therapist tells them it’s best.

Choosing the right one is hard to do it without the help of professionals. You need particular scans on your body and a professional opinion from various types of doctors. There’s no logic in going and doing all of these things if you’re perfectly healthy, so we most of the time settle with whatever comes.

In this article, we’re going to help you find out what’s best for you. We’ll offer some of the most popular types, and tell you what they are best for. Who’s going to benefit the most out of them? Read on find out about it!

Swedish massage

If you’re getting this treatment for the first time in your life, it’s best if you start with the Swedish massage. It is perfect for beginners, and those who prefer a light touch. Learn more about it here.

Not all people have the same sensors in their bodies. Some of us feel the pressure on our skin differently. Just a slightly harder pressure will make them scream in pain. The Swedish type is just the one they need. It’s a soft touch, without too much pressure, and perfect for those who relax, but doesn’t feel too much tension in their body.

Deep Tissue massage

If you don’t like the idea of someone barely touching you with the Swedish type, there’s the deep tissue option. It is the same, but the pressure is much harder, especially at some points where the pain is severe.

It is excellent for those who need relaxation from a stressful day at work. It will relax your entire body, relieve stress and anxiety, and will prevent issues like back and neck pain, migraines, and similar problems that come with the modern type of exhausting life.

Sports massage

Opposite to what we just wrote, is the sports massage therapy available for everyone. It is made for people who are athletes or have daily activities that put a lot of pressure on their muscles, joints, and tendons.

It is made to fully recover a person. The masseur will put a lot of pressure on some points where the pain is greater. That makes the stiffness in the muscles go away. With the pressure put on these parts, the tension is released by letting more blood flow through it.

Blood brings with itself more oxygen, and oxygen is vital in the process of muscle recovery.

This option is also being used for injuries and situations in which it is necessary to have constant perfect blood flow and oxygen intake, which will help in the recovery process. This is why some therapists use it as a full body treatment, and others focus on particular parts.

It is also valuable and provides excellent results if it is used just for some areas. For example, football players mainly use their legs for playing, and at the end of the match with tens of kilometers run, they are going to feel like their legs are heavier and exhausted.

Good local sports massage will recover them faster and make them ready for the next practice or the next game. Without it, the muscles will remain stiff, and this can be a perfect path toward a serious injury, like a muscle strain or something similar. Learn more about this type on the link: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/sports-massage.

Partial or trigger point massages

This type is made for those people who have certain injuries in one place, and they need a professional to help them recover faster and better. It is made with strict care of the problem, and a doctor who understands what’s wrong must write it down in the history chart.

The therapist will then provide regular massages on particular places on your body. This will help relieve certain positions that will lower the pain, and at the same time provide better blood flow through these parts of your body. As we said, better blood flow means more oxygen, and this means better and faster recovery.

This must be done by a true professional. Someone who knows exactly what is doing. Just a small wrong move and pressure on the wrong place can cause severe damage and additional problems. Not to mention the pain that goes with it.

Shiatsu and Thai massages

If you’re a fan of the Far East culture, then you might opt for these two types. They are highly popular in some areas. Despite they are different, we put them in the same category because they use unorthodox techniques for western cultures.

The therapists use stretching, applying pressure on single points on your body that it is believed to provide relaxation, and other techniques that are not entirely proven by the scientists. However, no one can argue with the results. Millions of people are happy with them.

These massages provide relaxation, stress relief, and an overall feeling of comfort. They are excellent for people who would like to try something unordinary and fun.

Prenatal massage

When women are pregnant, they experience an entirely new world. Their body changes from the core. They are heavier, their hormones are raging, and everything’s different than before. With it comes the pain in the joints because of the different weights that the body isn’t used to.

Specially designed prenatal massages will help them relax. They provide both pain and stress relief. Also, the suffering joints will receive treatment that will make them relaxed, stronger, and up for the challenge of the upcoming days.


These few types of massages are made for different people. There are many more in the massage world, but it seems like these are the core. Choose what you like the most, and what you think suits you best.