Fight Insomnia – 3 Comfort Food and Beverage Categories

Insomnia has been defined as the condition that is characterised by unwanted wakefulness. Its effects can be both disorienting and dangerous. To keep sleeplessness in check, you need to observe a dietary regimen. The following foods are chosen for their ability to not only reduce your possibilities of having a restless night, but also to give you the comfort your body needs to go into sleep. We have split them into beverages, general types and snacks.


What is important is to note that it is difficult to find naturally occurring fluids with the full components required for the comfort we are seeking. If it were possible, we would still b e confronted with the problem of how to take it- that is to mean, in the right concentration.

– Milk with nutmeg:

You can have un-skimmed milk (about a quarter of a litre) heated until just about to boil. Beat it to a point where it will be foamy. At this point, add a little nutmeg powder that is still fresh since being ground. Too much nutmeg is known to cause dizziness and illusions since it is toxic. You should be careful with how much nutmeg you put in so you don’t replace insomnia with another source of distress. you can sweeten the drink with a honey to taste.

– Lemon with brandy:

Have two thirds of a cup full of juice made of fresh lemon. Add a spoonful of brandy, another of honey and a stick of cinnamon. A full mug of water just from boiling should be poured in and your drink is ready.

– Apricot in orange:

Simmer a mixture of fresh orange juice, two spoonfuls of apricot jam and one teaspoonful of nutmeg. When the mixture has boiled, beat it and add grand manier (2 table spoonfuls). Strain it and drink.

General types:

To fight insomnia-

– Since vitamin B is able to support your nervous system, foods rich in it are encouraged. Specifically, take vegetables and nuts as well as dairy foods.

– Broccoli, seaweeds, dandelions, nettle and kelp are among the foods that are known to be rich in calcium. They produce serotonins which in effect combat insomnia.

– The particular amino acid responsible for developing serotonin is available in tuna fish and beans. It is also found in barley and milk products.


If your sleep time is here, and you have not fed, hunger can cause you as much sleeplessness as overfeeding. To avoid insomnia, take light snacks if the situation is such as we have described. Try sandwich made with turkey or avocado. Bananas are also good for this or you can equally have oatmeal porridge. A hot beverage made with milk would also work.

Eat consciously since sleep is as important as wakefulness in every sense of that statement.