Basic Information About The Keffiyeh It is the headwear that is called as a keffiyeh that is worn by middle eastern men is a part of their tradition. It s this one that is functional. When you will take a look at this head gear that it is this one that protects men from dust, the wind, sand and other elements as well as keeping the head cool. It is also when this one is worn during the night that it also keeps the head warm against the cold. When you will take a look at this headgear that it is this one that is considered as natural and traditional for men at the middle east. It is this one that is considered like the cap of the western world. A common thing for most middle eastern men is to wear this type of headgear. It is a fairly normal thing for men n the middle east to wear this headgear and that is why it is unfair to incorporate it to terrorism. It is this head gear that people should not make a big fuzz about it since it just a normal head wear. It is this headgear that also has a lot of different names. When people are talking about yashmag, shmag, and gutrah that they are still referring to the same headgear. It is common in the Arabic world to be calling this scarf by different names depending on the region that they are from. There is no one word that can describe this one since it can be called in different dialects. The moment that the British troops have done their operation in the middle east countries that this headgear became more prevalent. Since these scarfs have been efficient n doing what they are supposed to do that there are many troops that are wearing them. Many different uses for these scarfs have also been discovered by the troops. Whenyouwill take a look at this scarf that it can be utilized as a bandage, a makeshift sling, or a carrying pouch. The word ‘shemagh’ has also been termed for this scarf as that is what the British troops call this one. It is also the color of this scarf that may vary from one region to the oitehr. The moment that you will be taking a look at the Gulf states that they are wearing the plain white. Te red and white also are commonly worn by the Jordanians. It is also the black and white that the Palestinians are wearing.
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It is also this scarf that has been worn by westerners as a wrap around their neck. There are also some models that use this scarf when they will strut down the catwalk.Why Keffiyeh Aren’t As Bad As You Think