Does your skin itch on a regular basis? Does it interfere with your overall well being? Dry skin occurs for several reasons, and it is a nuisance. Allergies and the weather are both reasons for the skin to lose moisture. You can’t get it to disappear, but you can learn to manage it. The following 4 tips may help give you some relief.

Use Lotion

Daily use of lotion could improve dry skin by adding back lost moisture. Look for a product such as bloomfield body lotion. These creams help lubricate the skin and may be used on a daily basis. Apply it nightly to legs and arms as this gives the body time to absorb the product. Do not use it on the face. Instead, purchase a facial moisturizer that is designed for areas around the eyes.

Drink Water

Many factors can create dry skin. One of them is high blood pressure and dehydration. In both instances, increasing water in-take might alleviate the symptoms. Try and fill a large jug in the morning. Drink it by lunch, and then refill it.

Take Supplements

The body runs on nutrients. If you lack some of them, it can show through dry skin. Reflect on your diet. Are you eating too much sodium? Do you snack on processed food? You could be missing out on something important, Multi-vitamins offer a range of beneficial vitamins such as C, D, and E. These could play a role in the skin’s appearance, but it’s best to speak with a professional before taking supplements.

Get a Prescription

Hydrocortisone creams or allergy medicines can help with severe itching. If over the counter ointments don’t help, then see your physician. Be open about your symptoms and what you’ve been trying.

Relief is possible, but you it may take time and trying different methods. Just strive to give your skin the moisture it needs.