Maybe you work at a desk all day and don’t feel motivated to hit the gym on the way home. Or, maybe you experience pain from a chronic health condition. No matter why you have adopted a sedentary lifestyle, there are likely more reasons to break the habit. Here are three ways that living life as a couch potato can negatively affect your health.


Losing weight can be a huge motivator for people to get up and move more. Obesity can affect your life in so many ways. It is linked to increased risk of chronic health conditions. Your self-esteem and confidence may also suffer as you struggle with body image issues. If your sedentary lifestyle has helped you pack on a few pounds, you might want to consider adding a trimbolic fat and cellutlite fighter supplement to your exercise routine to help jumpstart your weight loss.

High Blood Pressure

Exercise conditions your muscles, including your heart muscle. When you do not exercise, you have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, which can lead to other, serious conditions like stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. Regular moderate exercise that raises your heart rate slightly can help develop stringer and leaner tissues in your heart and combat high blood pressure and heart disease. Try starting slowly, maybe by adding a few more active household chores to your list or walking during lunch each day.

Increased Fall Risk

If you don’t get enough physical activity you are also at increased risk for both developing osteoporosis and falling. That can be a deadly combination. If your main concerns are centered around moving for fall prevention, look for a tai chi program designed specifically for that purpose to get you up and moving more.

Taking steps toward a more active lifestyle can help you achieve better health and a more upbeat outlook. Start slowly to avoid injury and enjoy the journey while you invest time and effort into improving your health