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A Quick Introduction to Intermodal Transportation Movement is a key feature of human being. People do not only move but also create movement for goods these movements are known as transportation. When moving goods or when people are travelling over long distance it may not be possible to use just one, means of transport; therefore, means of transport are interlinked to facilitate the use of more than one mode of transport. Most other means of transport are interlinked with water transportation. Import or exports using sea transport are offloaded or loaded at the sea harbor where an intermodal specialist performs the role of interlinking the modes of transport. A harbor specialist is an agency that receives the cargo on behalf of the owners. This involves loading export containers to the ship and offloading import containers off the ship and loading them to the relevant next mode of transport such as road. The client usually outsources the services of a harbor specialist because they either do not the time to perform the tasks themselves or lack the intermodal transportation expertise. The owners of the cargo usually alerts the Harbor specialist of the specific time the cargo will need transportation services. The message usually is the shipment number of the container. The Harbor specialist then undertakes the clearing process and loads the container either to the ship or to the inland mode of transport as instructed by the cargo owner.
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Intermodal trucking is an innovation of overcome the challenges that face different transportation modes. Demerits of various means of transportation are as follows.
Smart Ideas: Trucking Revisited
Some means of transport cannot be used in given locations. For example, sea transport can only be used in areas with access to water bodies. This means that it is only accessible to coastal city. Railways and road will have terminals at the sea harbor to facilitate receiving goods and people from sea transport. Intermodal transportation, also, reduces the excess capacity of a means of transport. The means of transport will suffer delays if a lot of people are using them. By alternating the usage of the different means of transport of cargo between origin and destination people can avoid traffic jams. World trade is largely dependent upon the use of water transport. Businesses can distribute their goods worldwide. Features that make sea transport suitable is the ability to carry huge loads of goods, and it does not cost a lot. With intermodal trucking even land locked countries can benefit from sea transport. The land locked countries partners with the countries with access to the water bodies such as ocean or sea to construct roads and railways for intermodal transportation. Intermodal transport involves the building of various means of transport terminals near the sea harbor creating employment and wealth for the residents of the area.

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