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We hear a lot about whether or not or not global warming is a real or imagined phenomenon, how world warming will have an effect on the setting, and how humans are contributing to world warning. To join students with present engagement efforts, Rita Robinson with the Department of Parks …

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You know they make a killer eggocado and are beloved among guacamole aficionados. Fluoride is added to drinking water to prevent a illness (tooth decay), and as such becomes a medicine by FDA definition. Man these fancier drinks about positive look tempting and yes, all of them still have lots …

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Keep Calm! And Don’t Bite the Dentist!

I have a confession to make…during my last dental appointment, a catastrophe of epic proportions struck! There I was sitting there with my mouth open wide for my dentist to begin drilling on my tooth. I was feeling fairly proud of myself for holding it together and not descending into …